Bunches o’ Bugs

So many bugs, so little time.

If it’s spring then that means I’m teaching a LOT of art and writing residencies. In one of my schools we’ll be creating fantastic insects. Drawing fun bugs is a lot more fun than screaming and flailing about when one lands on your arm. Not that I’ve ever done that….much.

Aside from bugs, spring is also a time of new beginnings. Driving to one of my schools I was amazed at all the lambs and calves out in the fields. In addition to all those future meals, the daffodils are everywhere and the birds seem very happy that the late snows are finally behind us. We may actually see some sun too. But since this is Portland, it’s best not to set weather hopes too high. They don’t call us “webfoots” for nothing.
Incessant rain does make it easier to stay inside and write though. I’m using both the downpours and the feeling of new beginnings to try some new things myself. Working in new genres is both terrifying and exhilarating. The risk of failure looms large, like a cavern lined with sharp teeth, just waiting to eat you up. And it DOES eat you up once in a while. The good thing is that it also spits you back out. You’re a little stunned, probably bummed, but if you don’t get back in the saddle, you’ve let those sharp teeth win.
Never let the sharp teeth win.
There are no baby lambs or calves outside my studio window, but there birds and daffodils, tons of daffodils. And they’re out there reminding me of beginnings–glorious, tremendous, terrifying beginnings.
At least they’re not crawling on my arm.
Speaking of bugs! Check out my newest picturebook, AUNT ANT LEAVES THROUGH THE LEAVES. There’s even a grown up lamb in there. A bonus monkey too.

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